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is our cost assistance program designed to bring your co-pay to $0 for eligible HIV treatments in Ontario, Canada. 



Access program is only applicable in combination with private insurance plans.

We work with all private insurance providers. 

You could be paying $0 in co-pay

  • We work with your insurance provider by coordinating all forms of coverage available in Ontario.

  • Our goal is to avoid out-of-pocket expenses for patients accessing HIV treatments.

A co-pay is the out-of-pocket cost for medication after insurance coverage.

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Step 1

Step 2

Sign up

First step would be to complete our form by pressing the '' Get Started'' button. Once submitted, you will receive a call from us to get the process initiated.


We will coordinate with your Doctor or previous pharmacy to obtain your prescription or any  outstanding refills on your behalf. 

First Call: Our pharmacist will give you a call to gather a few relevant details. Once we have all the information we need, we will then be able to acquire your prescription. 

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Step 3

Delivered for Free

Our driver will drop off your package at the desired time of your choice (also available after business hours) 

Our pharmacist will coordinate all forms of coverage available with a goal of bringing your insurnace Co-pay to $0

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What is the process like?

3 Steps

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Having trouble keeping track of whether you've taken your medication(s)?

We organize your medication(s) by date and time.

Your medication(s) organized in 1 box.

  • Free discreet delivery.

  • Automatic refill reminders.​

  • Your package will be discreetly delivered to you (anywhere in Ontario, Canada).

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Stay organized,

Never second guess if you’ve taken your medication(s).

By remaining compliant with your regimen, your odds of remaining undetectable increase.

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Stay undetectable.

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  • A Nurse Practitioner can investigate your concerns, prescribe your medication, and provide requisition forms for testing when needed.

Virtual Care

Can’t Reach Your Doctor?

We Can Help!

Need Urgent Support, But

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